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Crimson Crux

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Wi-Fi in the Philippines - We Were First!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 at 11:55 PM

[Fun stuff for the ICT-oriented. Came from an email-forward entitiled "Wi-Fi sa Pinas!" sent by Ia Lucero.]

Hi-Tech Ancestors

After digging to a depth of 100 metres last year, Russian scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 1000 years, and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network one thousand years ago.

So, not to be outdone, in the weeks that followed, American scientists dug 200 metres and headlines in the US papers read: "US scientists have found traces of 2000 year old optical fibre, and have concluded that their ancestors already had advanced high-tech digital telephone 1000 years earlier than the Russians."

One week later, the Philippine newspaper reported the following: "After digging as deep as 500 metres, Filipino scientists have found absolutely nothing. They have concluded that 5000 years ago, our ancestors were already using wireless technology."

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Blogger ia @ 7/14/2005 12:10 AM

I knew this joke was good when I only had to read the last paragraph to my mom and for her to laugh away.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 7/14/2005 5:05 PM

napa ihi na ako kakatawa    

Blogger Corsarius @ 7/15/2005 12:50 AM

to ia and anonymous: believe me, i was laughing my heart (and guts) out. :p    

Blogger {illyria} @ 7/15/2005 12:18 PM

ha! we are so backward that we've outrun all of them in the race.    

Blogger Corsarius @ 7/15/2005 10:49 PM

trans dearie, you are absolutely right. pinoy pa!    

Blogger -Poison- @ 7/16/2005 6:51 PM

we used to crack tht joke. only "philippines" was substituted by "india" !    

Blogger Corsarius @ 7/16/2005 9:21 PM

well poison, after all, our country and yours have similar IT experiences :D though India is making vast strides now, whereas we are content strolling the tech autobahn, haha.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 7/18/2005 1:57 PM

Hello po,

Kelangan nyo po ilagay yung HTML code ng PinoyTopBlogs sa site nyo para ma track kayo. Just login to the UserCP sa site and generate the code to use.


Blogger Corsarius @ 7/18/2005 9:56 PM

i already placed the HTML code on my site (two days ago); we did likewise in my main blog and The Parser Blog. you can even see it when you view the HTML source codes for each blog. i'm inclined to believe that the problem isn't in my installing of the code.

anyhow, thanks for the support :)    

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