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Long Live the Alliance

Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 8:35 PM

[I don't want to turn this blog into a repository of my editorials, but I feel the need to republish one, again. This time it's The UP Parser's February 2005 centerpiece. Certain people in UP Diliman's Department of Computer Science are misunderstanding the concept of the UP CS Network, an alliance of student organizations dedicated only to the DCS' well-being, and controversies are afoot. Thus, the need for this article. By the way, please don't mind the anachronisms in this one.]

As the Computer Science Week draws near, it is only fitting that CS students, regardless of extra-curricular affiliation, unite for one common goal — the betterment of the Department.

In what promises to be greatest CS story for this academic year, the CS Network has been established, bringing together eight CS-related organizations under one “mother org”. This groundbreaking alliance serves to foster camaraderie and cooperation among the eight organizations which, although related to CS one way or another, still maintain different mindsets, different agendas.

But these differences are what the CS Network aims to harness. Rather than being sources of dispute and competition, the divergent strengths of each organization shall meld into one, potent entity. One can already see the beginnings of an alliance envied all throughout the College of Engineering; the vast, diverse talents of UP CURSOR and UP CompSoc merging with the determined, academic thrusts of UP ACM and UnPLUG, enhanced by the volunteering heart of the CRS Team, Engineering Webteam, and DCS Student Assistants, and furthered by the journalistic spirit of The UP Parser.

But as the saying goes, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. It is imperative that every organization within the CS Network fulfill the duties assigned to them. And, in the same way that everyone should whole-heartedly engage in alliance activities, no one should be left out. No one should dominate, and neither should one be a subordinate. This is because the CS Network is a gathering of equals, with equal rights and equal responsibilities.

These same responsibilities also extend to Department Faculty and the CS Representatives. Such a bold venture as the CS Network would miserably fail without the support of CS teachers and administration; it mustn’t be forgotten that the growth of the Department lies in a healthy, bilateral relationship between the learned and the learners.

And without the guidance and leadership provided by the CS Reps, the alliance would be a knight-less horse, full of sinew but lacking bravura. The four representatives who envisioned the CS Network and turned it into a stunning reality now face the task of guiding the “umbrella org” in its infancy stages, as well as ensure a smooth hand-over to the next batch of CS Reps. The alliance will be their legacy — regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.

As we celebrate the 24th anniversary of the Department of Computer Science, let us likewise celebrate the birth of the CS Network and rally around its cause. For this alliance — another first in College history — is ready to prove that organizations don’t have to be bitter rivals, but rather allies in forging the future.

Long live the CS Network!

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Blogger ia @ 6/24/2005 8:45 PM

Maybe, right now, "mother org" isn't such a safe term.

They just can't admit that in these past months, hundreds and thousands of bright little ideas, mixed with big ones like these, have hit the Department in a way never imagined before.

//...Halika, CS Tayooooooo.....//


But I will hold my ground. I'm still going to credit our batch this time.    

Blogger Corsarius @ 6/25/2005 10:22 PM

I will hold my ground, too, and back you up on that. This is the Corsarius of Batch Bibo, signing on.

Here's one hoping that this alliance won't be some evanescent occurrence. :)    

Blogger ia @ 6/25/2005 11:01 PM

Feh. Bibo is too.... Basta. It doesn't quite sound right. Anyway.    

Blogger Corsarius @ 6/25/2005 11:06 PM

It is not. Anyway. :D So we go with Batch OC, or GC, then. Heh.    

Blogger buchicoy @ 7/01/2005 6:57 PM

sana marepresent din sa network ang ibang students i.e. graduate studes, shiftees, transferees, saka yung mga walang affiliations    

Blogger ia @ 7/04/2005 6:06 PM

oo nga! dapat! sana maayos ng reps ang mga open fora for all 'groupings.' =)    

Blogger Corsarius @ 7/08/2005 10:24 PM

to buchicoy: kuya harv, i forwarded your suggestions to the CS Network e-group :)

to ia: open fora. hay. sana nga magkaron, hehe.    

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