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University of Red Tape

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 1:50 AM

[Not qute a serious post, I believe.]

For three years, I've been spared the sordid fate of being the victim of UP's inefficient, failure-prone bureaucracy. All my grades have been faithfully transcribed into the College's records, and all my units have been properly accounted for. I'm in the right path towards a hassle-free graduation. Thank heavens for that.

Or so I thought.

I recently applied (er, paid) for a true copy of grades (TCG), a requirement by some of the companies present in the the Engineering Job Fair a few months back. It was nothing important, really; the paper would just serve to confirm my first and only stint as a College Scholar a few sems back (let me see that personal-best 1.68 GWA!). Of course, I unabashedly proclaimed the said 'achievement' on my resume, and I needed the TCG to back it up.

But disappointment of disappointments, I wasn't a College Scholar! The TCG sneered so. Mistakenly.

The reason? I had a 5.0 in CWTS 1, of all the subjects in the University. And what's more painful is that I practically didn't take the damn course!

I did finish a CWTS class, but it was CWTS 1 and 2, the one offered by the College of Business Administration. I got a passing mark on that (no numeric grades there, just P or F), the product of me and my groupmate's welfare work and fund-raising for Boystown Manila. That subject was also faithfully reflected in the TCG, all right, but alongside my supposedly 'flunked' CWTS 1 subject!

The latter was the "rappeling" course offered by the College of Engineering and Kampo Uno, of which I was an original enrollee. But after being enticed by the CBA's CWTS 1 and 2, I applied for a change of matriculation (change-mat). It was of course promptly completed, signed and authorized by both the Eng'g and BA parties. So, after all the hoopla, I was OFFICIALLY dropped from the Engg CWTS and OFFICIALLY enrolled in the BA CWTS.

According to the TCG, the last half of that last line is correct, but the first is NOT.

So, what was the purpose of me going through that systematic application for an OFFICIAL change-mat, if in the end it was still going to be screwed up?

The College has advised me to dutifully approach both of my teachers in the Eng'g and BA CWTS classes, and dutifully obtain the confirmation that I had dropped the former and passed the latter, so that I can dutifully pay for another OFFICIAL true copy of grades, this time with the right grades. I was also advised to believe in the excuse* that it was the CRS' fault, for it was the source of the TCG.

I am dutifully rendered exhausted.

Was it my fault in the first place?

*Computerized Registration System

[UPDATE: This article was reprinted in UPAlumni.tk. Thanks for the honor, guys.]

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Blogger ia @ 5/31/2005 6:29 PM

Is this an advantage of computerization or lack of computerization? I wouldn't know.

I swore to rant about something related to "kabulukan ng sistema" in the Eng'g Logscript, but it's escaped me now. Damn.    

Anonymous Anonymous @ 6/01/2005 12:35 PM

puwede ba nating itong i-repost sa UPAlumni.tk? Wala pa kaming masyadong content e :p


Blogger Corsarius @ 6/01/2005 11:29 PM

to ia: it's the marriage of computerization and paper-based database systems gone haywire. :D ah...I fondly remember our own systems...CHESTER and The CORRRS..hehe.    

Blogger Corsarius @ 6/01/2005 11:32 PM

to UPAlumni.tk: sure, no problem. :) of course, it goes without saying that the repost must come with the proper accreditation.

thank you so much. more power to you! i'll be dropping by from time to time. UP Nating Mahal! :D    

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