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Crimson Crux

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Free Drag-and-Drop Protopages, Anyone?

Saturday, November 05, 2005 at 5:20 PM
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I've set up my own Protopage, a personal bookmarks page which uses the much-hyped AJAX. Basically, Protopages make it easier for you to get to your favorite web sites and organize your hectic life. It's very simple:
  1. Create your own sleek Protopage, which is simpler than creating a blog. Really. Customizing it should pose no problem, too. The system makes it easy for you -- color theme, wallpaper, the whole enchalada. You don't even leave the Protopage while customizing it!
  2. Put your favorite links on it. I use mine as a springboard to my blogs. You can also create new "link panels", which are just lists of your links.
  3. Place your sticky-notes. Think of your Protopage as an organizer of your to-do lists and other reminders, all in one page. You can create new sticky-notes as you please.
  4. You can save it as your new browser start page.

Set up a free Protopage by clicking this cute button:
Add this site to your start page
RSS News Feed support is coming soon to Protopages, so watch out.

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Blogger ia @ 11/05/2005 9:09 PM

Whee! I really like Protopage. I wonder why it hasn't gotten as much buzz, but then again I've seen it being mentioned in *some* blogs, at least. :)    

Blogger ia @ 11/05/2005 11:19 PM

Let me just add to this. There is a boom on start pages and seem to be so-called desktop replacements ranging from simple AJAX-driven pages to flash-based downloadable applications (rivaling Konfabulator even, they say). This post list quite a number of them, and they have lots more features than Protopage, as the latter is in an earlier stage of development. But I signed up with Protopage for the stickynotes rather than the news feeds which I could have gotten with Google's start page, or My Yahoo! page (I get my comic and horoscope fix there anyway! :D).    

Blogger Ben @ 11/06/2005 12:08 AM

From The "L" :

ok I will exchange links with you.

At the buttom of The "L" is says sponsored blogs a link to you is there.

Please make the link name be The L and the url is: http://www.thelnews.com


Blogger Corsarius @ 11/06/2005 7:03 PM

to ia: i see. thanks for the info. i like protopages' ease of use, and as you said, the sticky notes. :)

to lunchbox: thanks. it's done.    

Anonymous Fleeb @ 11/06/2005 7:32 PM

I am not really impressed with Protopage. I got my bookmarks on Firefox :D    

Blogger Corsarius @ 11/06/2005 7:56 PM

to fleeb: which just proves that every person to his own taste, hehe ;) btw, it takes me a whole minute to scroll my entire bookmark list on Firefox. info overload!    

Anonymous Fleeb @ 11/06/2005 9:33 PM

Wow, you must have lots of bookmarked items :)    

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